Smart Asset Maps

We make your new and existing systems smarter

Smart Asset Maps is a digital IoT platform which manages your new and old asset data. It allows you to view all your buildings and assets on a single map. Access to actionable data provides your teams with the knowledge to take action and fix problems faster and smarter. Monitor your data streams on customised dashboards that make sense for you and your business.

Smart Asset Maps

Asset Mapping

Plot assets on floor plans overlaid on Google Maps

Live Data Feeds

Connect live data feeds and sensors for real-time status

Proactive Monitoring

Alerts notify both internal users and service providers

Data Intelligence

Dashboards and heatmaps provide actionable insights

Employee Wellness

Create a productive and healthy employee environment

Occupancy Levels

Right-size office desk space and meeting room availability

Smarter Systems

From single sensors to complex systems. From rooms to floors to buildings to estates.
From suburbs to cities to regions and countries. Smart Asset Maps takes a global approach.
Whether your focus is on the health of your building and employees, energy consumption or operational efficiency,
the Smart Asset Maps dashboards and data notifications can be customised to meet your growth needs.


Our asset registers are spread across multiple spreadsheets and are not capturing the data we need to run our business.



Data on any asset type can be stored in Smart Asset Maps, overlaid on floor plans on Google Maps, providing a global view of the estate.


Our assets are located across multiple sites and we have little visibility of their status at any given moment.



With Smart Asset Maps, asset locations are visible on a Google Maps view along with, where live data feeds are in place, their real-time status.


When service technicians arrive on site to fix devices or complete proactive maintenance, they don't know where the assets are located.



Smart Asset Maps provides text and email notifications on connected devices, as well as alerts visible per asset or zone on the floor maps.


Our assets are generating significant amounts of valuable data which lie untapped, resulting in us making ill-informed decision.



Dashboards and heatmaps are built into the Smart Asset Maps system as standard, allowing critical insights to be delivered with ease.


We want to create an environment for our employees where they are happy and can operate at their best.



Smart Asset Maps gives you the visibility to track, challenge and intervene in unhealthy work-spaces, adjusting building services accordingly.


Our office environment isn't meeting the needs of our employees, but we don't know how many desks or what size meeting rooms are required.



Smart Asset Maps can monitor occupancy levels of meeting rooms and office spaces, enabling the office environment to be easily right-sized.

What Our Clients Say

This is the future direction we absolutely need to be heading in.

Technical Director

Smart Asset Maps solves a number of the challenges our clients have.

Managing Director

Wow! The heat maps are fantastic. I can see many situations where they would be useful.

Service Delivery Manager

With Smart Asset Maps, you have certainly got our attention.

Sales Director


  • Monthly subscription costs are based on the quantity of assets in the Smart Asset Maps system
  • No user licence costs apply, enabling you to provide access to internal users and partners with ease
  • Professional services are available to assist with project creation, data collection and analysis activities